Kim Kardashian refuels the debate for wearing high heels when pregnant

Wearing high heels when pregnant has always been a hot topic. Kim Kardashian has refueled it after almost breaking a pair of heels and risking injury.

The popular celebrity caused a bit of stir when she appeared in Los Angeles doing errands in a pair of lucite high heels which are considered one of the most trendiest right now. Unfortunately they are more for parties and not for a full day out doing errands, especially when pregnant.

The now seven months pregnant Kim though decided to give the shoes a try, probably attracted by the chunky heel, which should give some extra stability and comfort. Sadly though, it seemed to buckle under the extra weight, or probably it just came unglued, as most ladies can attest to similar issue with their otherwise glamorous high heels.

Most of the media are quick to conclude that it is Kim’s weight that caused the heels to buckle and that she hadn’t learned her lesson from her previous pregnancy when she also had some issues with high heels. Even so, Kim seems determined to continue to rock high heels for as long as possible.

As we know other celebrities also have worn high heels during their pregnancies. Blake Lively is one of the most recent and standing out as she said, she loves high heels no matter what. Would that mean that wearing high heels when pregnant is a no-no? It actually is a maybe and it depends simply on how comfortable you feel.

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