Kim Kardashian reveals how to wear high heels to appear taller

Did you know you can wear high heels and still appear shorter? Oh, yes you can. Kim Kardashian reveals her top tips how to rock heels and appear taller.

Kim is 1.59 m tall (or 5′ 3″) and she says she has “short girl problems” when it comes to appearing taller. She is also quite a big fan of high heels and knows how to use them to the fullest.

So, when you see Kim rocking outrageous high heels it’s not only to attract attention. It’s even not only to show off her latest fashion ideas.

Kim picks high heels which will make her look taller. And in her blog she has finally revealed the top tips.

“I’ve learned that there are a few really good styling tricks for short girls like me. They’re simple and make all the difference. Not everyone is Kendall, LOL! For those of you who also struggle with #ShortGirlProblems when it comes to getting dressed, scroll down to see my go-to styling tips!”, she wrote.

Kim Kardashian’s top tips for high heels

Her first top tip is to wear nude or clear high heels. “Wearing nude, skin-tone or clear shoes elongates your legs!”, she says.

The second tip is leggings. “Another trick for looking taller is cropped leggings. They make your legs look way longer!”

The third tip is a bit simple. “It’s not a secret that I wear heels 99 percent of the time. If I do wear flats, it’s a momentous occasion, lol. I live in heels because they’re the best way to look taller.”

Opt for high heels with slim designs which are fitted well along the leg. Bows and other accessories make the shoes appear wider which in turn makes you look shorter. The cleaner look is the best when you want to add a few inches to your appearance.

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