Kim Kardashian shocks with transparent plastic thigh high boots

Kim Kardashian loves to show off her new slim figure in more and more daring and incredible ways. The latest is a denim outfit with transparent thigh boots.

Yes, you red that right! Expect to see Kim try out more and more daring and even crazy outfits. This last one is just her idea for an everyday casual outfit!

At first glance, the outfit is causal. It features denim hotpants and an oversize denim jacket. But then you see that Kim’s legs are somewhat too shiny.

And when you give them a second glance, you see exactly why – she is wearing a pair of thigh high fully transparent plastic boots! Everything on the boots is transparent, even the high heels!

We imagine these boots are quite hot not only figuratively, but quite literary as well! There doesn’t seem to be any vents, holes or even a zipper.

Even so, this didn’t appear to worry Kim at all. She rocked the outfit and the boots with ease and she even took time to take some selfies with fans.

And if that was not enough, she was wearing a see-though bra underneath the denim jacket. Yes, a bra and nothing else. She even flashed it!

Now is that too much? Probably. It was just enough to achieve what she was aiming for though – a lot of attention. The media are going wild with commenting Kim’s outfit, her boots and attitude. We can only expect this to fuel her for even more crazy stuff in the near future.

If you are interested in rocking the boots, however, they are made by her husband Kanye West. Anyone surprised? Not us. The boots are part of his latest Yeezy Season 4 collection which will debut in a few days in New York.

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