Kim Kardashian shows off an updated style in high heels and a tiny leather skirt

Kim Kardashian had her share of problems lately, but that doesn’t seem to put a dent in her overall status quo. And she even updated her style a bit.

Recently she was in Studio City in California to film her latest episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians. Lately Kim has changed her style to a more classic one as opposed to the usual extravagant outfits (transparent thigh high boots, anyone?).

But now Kim is dialing up the heat once again. This probably comes as a response to the bad press she got about her appearance a couple of weeks ago.

It seems this didn’t faze Kim and she’s back on her top form once again. In fact, she’s even more daring as her outfit showed us.

She rocked a daring full leather outfit, featuring a dangerously revealing black leather shirt. It had a very, very low neckline with slouched shoulders and long sleeves. The leather left little to the imagination as it revealed a LOT.

Kim teamed the shirt with a matching black leather mini skirt. The skirt was quite short and tight, but that didn’t seem to be a problem for Kim who handled it with ease.

The same goes for her lace-up strapped high heels. They though seemed a bit too tightly tied around her lover calves. Or perhaps they were a size too small… Even so, the shoes added the finishing touch to Kim’s daring new look. A new look which is for sure going to once again draw the kind of attention Kim prefers.

That worked immediately as she seemed in a great mood and took the time for a few selfies with fans. And even posed along with the fans, too.

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