Kim Kardashian wows in a long tube latex dress and high heels in NY

Kim Kardashian is coming back in top style. She was at the Tom Ford New York Fashion Week Show and impressed in a long tube latex dress and high heels.

Kim opted to show off her new, slimmer figure in a skin tight long latex dress. She impressed with an even slimmer waist.

It was definitely a dress that proved challenging to walk. Kim though is used to challenging outfits, so she handled it with ease.

The dress was shoulderless with a long back zipper. This allowed Kim to adjust the back slit of the dress which makes it easier to walk in it.

Kim though preferred to keep it zippered quite low – to the calves. This shaped her body quite impressively, but made walking and climbing stairs difficult. She didn’t seem to mind though.

Kim teamed the dress with a pair of strapped high heels. They were also quite challenging since they had only two very thin straps around the foot and several at the ankles. The actual heels were also quite thin and high.

She completed her look with a long hairstyle and accenting, nude-style makeup. Overall quite an impressive outfit and look from Kim for sure.

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