Kimberley Garner is overly hot in latex and heels at the Goodbye Christopher Robin Premiere

Kimberley Garner looked way too hot during the Goodbye Christopher Robin Premiere in London. She rocked latex pants and booties as part of her outfit.

Is there such a thing as looking way too hot? Depends on the view. We’re not complaining, not one bit.

Maybe we’re surprised a bit because of the setting. We’re not used to such outfits and looks during movie premieres.

If it was for clubbing, then it would have been fine. But then again, we wouldn’t notice it as much, right? And Kimberly did look quite stunning.

Her outfit was quite simple, yet quite effective. She rocked a dark T-shirt and teamed it with a pair of skin tight latex pants. Or PVC pants. It’s a small difference, but nearly the same stunning effect.

Kimberley teamed the pants with a pair of matching patent shiny black high heeled booties. The heels were at the very back and slightly curved. The booties also featured pointed toes for some elegant looks.

Kimberley kept her hair loose and rocked accented makeup featuring eyeliner and nude lip gloss. She looked quite confident in her outfit and posed for quite a few photos. And all of them were quite stunning, too.

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