Kimberley Garner wows in a little black dress and high heels at Goodwood Festival

Kimberley Garner was one of the best looking celebrities at the Qatar Goodwood Festival. She wowed in a little black dress and stunning high heels.

Kimberley looker really stunning in a very simple, yet gorgeous outfit. She showed once again that you don’t need elaborate high fashion outfits to look great.

Keeping it simple has always been a top fashion rule. You can always go overboard with layers and accessories but you have to really know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you risk looking ridiculous.

If you stick to the basics though, you can still achieve stunning results. Take Kimberley for example.

She rocked a fitted little black dress with shoulder straps. They were a little loose so she could use it to change the appearance of the dress as she posed for photos.

Kimberley also rocked a pair of stylish strapped high heels. They were quite thin, but that wasn’t a challenge for Kimberley even on the grass.

Also, she kept true to the Goodwood Festival tradition and picked an interesting hat. Although, maybe it wasn’t exactly a hat, but it still suited her overall look.

Naturally, she gathered quite a lot of attention and took her time to pose for photos.

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