Kourtney Kardashian impresses in high heels and 60s bell bottom leather pants

Kourtney Kardashian has always had quite an impressive fashion style. And she’s taking it to the next level recently with some stunning new looks.

A few days ago she was at the II Pastaio restaurant in Beverly Hills. All normal for her, but this time she had an even more impressive outfit.

It’s not on the wild side, quite the opposite. You can even call it restrained, but it was still very effective. And that’s what matters.

Kourtney rocked a beige buttoned, sleeveless shirt which was tucked into a pair of black leather pants. Usually we’re used to seeing leather pants with a tight fit, but not this time.

In fact, Kourtney opted for a pair of bell bottom leather pants which actually looked quite good on her. They had buttons on the side to adjust the width of the “bells” or to keep them closed. The top part was well fitted and slowly widened as the pants went on.

Kourtney teamed this look with a pair of elegant nude colored high heels. The shoes had medium heels and added to an extra long look of the leg without drawing attention to themselves. Thus the main attention grabber were the leather pants which we think was Kourtney’s goal.

She opted for an almost no-makeup look with only a dash of it. She also kept her hair loose and looked quite good. Definitely a great casual, but very stylish, outfit.

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