Kylie Jenner looks stunning in a tight LBD and high heels

Kylie Jenner looked all business and style. The Jenner sister rocked a stunning little black dress and high heels for a meeting at the Snapchat office.

It’s not clear what was Kylie meeting. Probably some kind of a new partnership between the popular chat app and her or her fashion brand.

What is clear though is that Kylie looked awesome. She rocked a business outfit, but spiced up by her own personal touch and taste.

The result was quite daring as you can expect. Kylie rocked a skin tight little black dress which showed off her curves. And by showing off, we mean really showing them off and making them a central piece of her look.

Completing her outfit was a pair of ankle-strapped high heels. That’s it. No other accessories or complicated outfits. Simple and very effective.

Naturally, her look attracted quite a lot of attention. Kylie didn’t seem to mind and strutted her stuff with confidence.

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