Kylie Jenner shows off her MASSIVE high heel collection on Snapchat

You think you have a lot of high heels? Think again. Kylie Jenner has just shown her personal high heel collection and there’s only one word for it: MASSIVE.

Honestly, we’ve seen lots of stores that have fewer pairs of shoes, including with their storage, that Kylie has on display in her home! There are rows upon rows of high heels spanning at least three walls!

We wonder how much time it takes to just dust all of those shoes and shelves. Let alone actually maintaining the shoes themselves.

This goes to show you that, no, celebrities don’t simply wear one thing and then throw it away. They do have their passions and often keep favorite items of clothing. In Kylie’s case, she seems to keep quite a lot of her favorite high heels.

Here is the short video she posted on Snapchat. Sadly it is a bit shaky and a bit short, but it does show off that she does indeed has quite the massive choice of shoes at all times. Imagine what’s like for her to pick shoes for an event! And most likely even she has said the iconic phrase “I have nothing to wear” despite having literally hundreds of shoes!

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