Kylie Jenner stuns in near full leather and high heels in New York

The Jenner and Kardashian sisters are bringing out the heavy guns in the fashion department. Kyle Jenner wowed in near full leather and high heels in NY.

The Jenners will have a busy time for the next few days as the New York Fashion week kicks off. In the spirit of high fashion and being as daring as possible, Kylie Jenner wowed in a burgundy leather outfit.

Kylie also rocked her new blonde hair and looked as impressive as ever. She obviously felt “it” and rocked a confident strut and didn’t seem phased by the enormous amount of attention she was gathering.

The young Jenner rocked a burgundy short and tight leather skirt with high waist. She teamed it with a bold crop top from suede.

Kylie also carried a long coat in the same matching leather as the skirt. At one point she draped it over her shoulders as the chilly New York night was a bit too much for her revealing outfit.

Finally, Kylie opted for a pair of strappy high heels to complete her daring look. Needless to say, her appearance will be remembered by the onlookers for some time. It was THAT impressive and we rarely say that.

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