Lady Gaga heats up the Super Bowl field in a long dress and high heels

Lady Gaga was among the many celebrities at the NFL Super Bowl 2017. True to her style, Gaga heated up the field by posing in a long dress and high heels.

You know Lady Gaga can pretty much do anything and it will always be provocative in some way. Even when she’s classy.

Well, her impromptu photoshoot on the field at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas did just that. Gaga reminded how easy is for her to heat things up when she wants to.

Gaga rocked a long black two-piece dress. It featured some lace and see-through parts and a long skirt with a short front.

Gaga teamed it with a pair of sky high heels. They were really high, but that’s exactly how Gaga likes them. She also played around with the skirt of her dress a lot.

Then she thanked the photographer in an unique way as she only can do. Gaga completed her look by keeping her hair in a bun and rocked big aviator high heels.

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