Lady Gaga poses with crazy high heels from Alexander McQueen

We all know Lady Gaga loves crazy high heels. So when she got a gift from Alexander McQueen featuring some Armadillo high heels, she was more than happy.

In fact, she was so happy she took to Instagram to pose with her new favorite shoes. Gaga has even set up a special glass dome to keep the shoes “protected and happy”.

We’ve seen similar shoes to be worn by Gaga before, but it turns out she didn’t actually own them. Now though, she does. She actually now owns three pairs – one in what we assume is armadillo print, one in snake print and one last one in shiny black.

How much time do you expect before Gaga picks up a pair to wear when she goes to a club or a restaurant? Less than a week? Or is she really is going to keep them safe and sound in the glass dome?

We all know that nice feeling when you finally get those shoes you’ve wanted for so long. It can be sensed that Gaga felt it times 1000 just because of this gift.

When a gift comes to you from Heaven photo by Taylor Kinney best fiancée ever

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But don’t worry. She isn’t going to leave behind other types of shoes either. Thigh-highs included.

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And classic and stylish ankle strapped heels, too.

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Or stylish high heeled platforms. Yes, they are there.

Fly Me To The Moon, can I take stow your bags for you sire.

A photo posted by @ladygaga on

But if anyone is going to pull off a pair of Armadillo high heels in public, it’s going to be Lady Gaga and no one else. That we are sure of.

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