Lady Gaga wows in full leather and boots in New York

Lady Gaga continues to impress with her style. She might not go all out with crazy outfits as before, but her current style is still very impressive.

Gaga is currently in New York, recording new songs. She was recently at a recording studio and wowed us with her outfit.

She opted for a full leather outfit, which actually looked somewhat casual on her. Even so, she rocked it like a million bucks.

Her outfit featured a blue leather skirt and a blue leather jacket. Gaga opted for a grid-like top mixing both blue and black which were the main colors of her outfit. She continued the mesh look with a pair of fishnet stockings.

Gaga also rocked a cream-white leather cowboy hat. It was the same color as her platform high heeled booties. The booties featured chunky heels and looked like the 60s mod style.

Lady Gaga completed her look with a pair of sunglasses. Her leather cowgirl look was complete and she looked quite good.

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