Leather and high heels overtake the Milan Fashion Week, too

Leather is king. At least for the time being. Celebrities and fashion fans love it and wear it every chance they get as seen during the Milan Fashion Week.

Actually, celebrities wear leather so much, they run the risk of overcooking it. For now though, leather is a main choice of many and it will continue to do so for a while.

We expect that then it will be a no-no for even longer, which is sad. Leather has a timeless look and can make everyone look like a million bucks when worn right. And currently celebrities and fashionistas are on the top of their leather game.

The SS17 Milan Fashion Week showed this once again. Leather and high heels dominated the Fashion Week events in New York and London already. It did that for Milan as you will see right now. For sure it will do the same for the SS17 Paris Fashion Week which is underway right now.

The leather and high heels during the SS17 Milan Fashion Week

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