Lindsey Vonn impresses in ripped jeans and stylish silver high heels in LA

Mixing up the most casual of casual outfits with some more high fashion items can be tricky. But Lindsey Vonn showed us also how effective it can be.

She was out for dinner at Craigs restaurant in West Hollywood a few days ago and impressed with her fashion choices. Lindsey has always had a great fashion style and is not afraid to experiment.

So, when she combined the definition of casual outfits with more stylish items, we knew it was going to be good. And it was.

Lindsey rocked a pair of slightly loose-fitting ripped jeans. They were a bit long, so she rolled up the legs a bit.

Lindsey opted for a sparkling crop top to team up with the jeans. Combined with their low waistline, Lindsey added a focal point to her toned abs.

Jeans with a crop top is a fashion classic. And Lindsey updated it a bit by using a more glamorous top than the usual T-shirt.

Lindsey rocked a pair of stunning silver high heels. They had a croc-skin print and were backless. The shoes featured very thin high heels, which were no problem for Lindsey.

She completed her look with a small clutch bag. Lindsey opted only for some eyeliner for her makeup and styled her hair back and straight. A great look for her in the end, with seemingly minimal effort. That’s how it should be done.

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