London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 Trends

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Are you wondering what the style will be next year? The recent London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 gave us a pretty clear answer.

We have managed to find some videos of a few collections presented during the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 that we hope you will like. They focus mainly on the outfits but the high heels trends are quite obvious, too.

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 Videos

We waste no time and go straight for one of the big names: Versace. We will focus on the high heels while you can also take a look at the video to see the rest of the trends.

What we see is pretty much a confirmation of our earlier expectations. Shiny metallic shoes, chunky heels, little to no platforms. The heels are relatively high but due to the fact they are chunky, they give more support when walking. Bright colors are also the rage as are ankle straps, jewels and glitter on the shoes.

Another participant in the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 was Moschino. Their collection is focused more on the summer time. And they seem to have a thing for pumps on classic thin heels for the summer. Again in various colors and materials. Open toes and slingbacks will also be in style. Platforms will be rarer than gold.

Next up, Diesel and their Black Gold colletion for Spring Summer 2015. Slingback pumps, low ankle straps and the occasional booties with chunky heels are the primary choice of Diesel. They also differantiate from others by sticking to the classic colors – black, red, gray, white, light blue.

Now lets take a look ath Topshop’s collection as presented during the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. Here we’re back at the wide variety. Bright colors, lots of straps, mostly chunky heels. It is what we will be seeing on the streets a lot next spring and summer.

Well, those are the general trends you can expect next year. Do you like them? Let us know in the comments below.

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