Lottie Moss spices up a grey tweed suit with daring thigh high boots

Tweed is a classic favorite British style. It’s trendy even today, despite looking a bit boring. Well, that’s nothing a pair of thigh high boots can’t fix.

This is exactly what Lottie Moss did the other day when she was at the Cuckoo Nightclub in London. Lottie opted exactly for a tweed suit and it even was grey.

The suit featured a classic jacket and a matching short skirt by Topshop. Lottie also opted for a loose-fitting white top to go with the outfit. A small black handbag completed her office-style look.

But then Lottie wanted to add some extra spice. That comes in the shape of a pair of daring black thigh high leather boots.

They were the main attraction of her outfit. The boots featured thin high heels and reached just to the hem of the skirt showing some of her thighs with each step.

Lottie kept her look simple with a dash of makeup and letting her hair long and loose. She looked both elegant and a bit daring thanks to the boots and showed that even a modest looking tweed outfit can indeed be quite memorable with the right footwear.

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