Lucchese expands to high heels and purses

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Lucchese expands to high heels and purses
Image credit: Lucchese

The saying goes that the customer is always right. At the 131-year-old Texas boot-maker Lucchese they take this to the heart. The company has announced that it is starting toa make high heels and purses as an answer to the demands of the customers, the Associated Press reports.

“It really is all about matching the desires and needs of our customer base. They lead very active, vibrant lives and boots are fine but they wanted more from Lucchese,” says the ex-executive vice president and creative director of Lucchese William Zeitz who is now a consultant for the company.

The company decided to pull the triger on the change after longtime customers said they would be interested if Lucchese was offering more than boots. The expansion started earlier in the year first with a few pairs of high heels. This fall the line of purses was shown and even more shoes and luxury materials.

So far the efforts are proving good. It may be too early to call the expansion a full success but it is getting there. Mind you, Lucchese’s stuff is not for everybody. Some of the high heels can cost up to 4500 dollars depending on the mateiral they are made out of.

Lauren Wolfenden, senior analyst at WGSN says Lucchese have struck a nice niche of the so-called “investment dressing”. The idea is that you buy expensive shoes and clothes that will last you for a few years and will look good no matter what is trending.

Some of the new Lucchese shoes are made in Italy where there is a long tradition of making high heels. Of course all of the boots are made in El Paso. Shops are saying customers familiar with the brand are responding well to the new goods from the company. In the same time new people are now discovering the manufacturer and getting interested in it.

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