Lung x Lung makes 3D printed shoes with interchaneable high heels

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Lung x Lung makes 3D printed shoes with interchaneable high heelsThe Taiwanese company Lung x Lung Design had made 3D printed shoes with interchangeable high heels. Thus you can have lots of styles in just one shoe.

The project is led by Lung x Lung’s cofounder Min-Chieh Chen who loves architecture and digital fabrication, 3D Print reports. You may have heard of him before as last year it was him that presented a Hex Chain 3D Dress that was made entirely by a 3D printer.

Chen then thought what would happen if he tried to make a new spin on the idea of custom shoes. A few months later the result comes in the form in the 3D printed shoes with interchangeable high heels.

According to Chen there are more and more new materials in 3D printing that are more flexible which makes them comfortable to wear. They can also be made to fold into a bag for easy carrying.

“Sometimes ladies need to prepare several shoes for daily activities, such as working, social life, and walking. The nice looking shoes are not always the best ones for walking. So why not design an interchangeable heel system? It’s easy to carry without any problem because it’s flexible and anyone can print their own!”, Chen says to 3D Print.

The idea is a lot more complex than that though. The basic shoe is designed by Bata. Then a 3D scanner is used to scan the wearer’s feet and the measurements are used to customize the fit of the shoe.

The shoes then are printed in separate pieces and can be both assembled and unassembled. This allows you to interchange the high heels as much times as you want. So you can have thin stilettos, chunky comfortable heels, low block heels and so on and simply put the heels on when you need the given style.

Chen points out you are also able to interchange other pieces of the shoe. Thus you can really make your own unique designs as many times as you want. For now Lung x Lung are not saying whether they plan on a production run in the future or not. But the idea is there and part of the 3D printing community is to always share the projects, so who knows, the shoes with interchangeable high heels might just become a reality.

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