Maggie Q is Unstoppably stylish in high heels in Beverly Hills

We can rarely see Maggie Q at events which is sad as she’s great. But when we do see her, she makes us remember like at the Unstoppable Foundation Gala.

Maggie has always had an unique style. She is able to mix her personal taste with general trends and fashion staples.

The result? Always stunning and stylish outfits from Maggie. Her latest was at the Unstoppable Foundation Gala in Beverly Hills.

There we could finally see Maggie. She rocked a very elegant fitted dress with drape shoulders. It featured a floral print and an elegant shape.

Maggie teamed the dress with a pair of equally elegant suede high heels. They had pointy toes and medium height heels without going too high.

Maggie also styled her hair in a beautiful flow over her left shoulder. She opted for an accenting makeup without going overboard.

Finally, she rocked some extra earrings and jewels. Maggie oozed style and confidence and we really loved her look. Simple, yet stylish and elegant. Nicely done!

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