Maika Monroe wows in a stunning sequin dress and heels at the Stranger Things Season 2 premiere

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Maika Monroe is one of the up-and-coming names in Hollywood with some great titles under her belt already. And she always does it in style.

Maika has a great fashion style which was evident during the Stranger Things Season 2 premiere in Los Angeles. She wowed in a great dress and heels.

Maika may not be starring in the Netflix series, but she was still among the top stars at the event. And she looked stunning in the process.

She rocked an elegant long red sequin dress. It was a classic, slightly pin-up style which seems to become a trend lately.

The dress was shoulder-less with only two tiny thin straps holding it up. It was also half back-less, well fitted and reaching all the way down to the ankles. The lower part had a sheer red stripe to a more floating and elegant look.

Maika completed her elegant outfit with a pair of sky high heels. The shoes were beige and suede with pointed toes and quite high thin heels. Even so, they were no problem for Maika.

She kept her hair loose and combed back in sight curls. A few elegant jewels, including earrings and rings added to her feminine look. And Maika even went for a no-makeup look with only a dash of lip gloss. The end result? Classy, elegant and stunning. Nicely done.

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