Margot Robbie impresses with an updated look and stunning outfit and heels at the Gotham Independent Film Awards

Margot Robbie looked as great as ever at the 27th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York. She impressed in a stunning and elegant outfit and high heels.

Margot is one of the celebrities who have quite an interesting style. She loves a more casual and simplistic look, but she can also look as stunning as they come.

Usually Margot strays away from the usual style and has a unique touch to her look. This was again the case at the Gotham Independent Film Awards.

Margot rocked an elegant black and dark green sequin dress. It again followed the newest top trend among celebrities – asymmetrical style.

The dress was wrapping around one shoulder and had a loose fit which Margot tightened up a bit with a thin belt. The dress also featured an asymmetric hemline going from the calf of the right leg all the way up to the upper thigh of the left leg.

Margot then added some simple and elegant footwear to complete the look. She rocked a pair of simple and effective ankle-strapped high heels. The shoes had thin medium height heels and added to the elegant and classy look of Margot.

She showed off her new slightly updated look, too. Margot now rocks a shorter hair style which is with slight curls and a slightly darker shade.

Finally, she opted for an interesting makeup combo with no eyeliner or eyeshadows but with wine red lipstick. A small boxy chain purse completed Robbie’s great and elegant look. Nicely done, we think!

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