Margot Robbie is timelessly elegant in a golden dress and high heels at the “I, Tonya” premiere

Margot Robbie continues to impress with her fashion choices. She looked incredible at the “I, Tonya” premiere in Hollywood thanks to a superb dress and high heels.

Margot impressed in a very elegant style and yet another slight update to her look. It seems Robbie is coming back to the longer hair.

Instead of extensions though, she’s going the natural way. This means we will get to see Margot change several hairstyles over the next few months. Of course, it all depends on how long she plans to let her hair grow. We personally are fans of the longer hair, so we’re hoping Margot is just getting started.

Her latest hairstyle complemented her overall look quite well, too. Robbie looked stunning in a long elegant golden dress.

The dress had a metallic look and feel to it and looked like made out of thousands of small studs. It also had a hug-me design wrapping around Margot. She also added a black belt around her waist to accent it and to keep the dress in check.

And, you guessed it, it was also with a slight asymmetrical style at the lower end. The dress also had a high split at the front, showing off Margot’s toned legs and footwear.

She opted for a pair of very simple and elegant shoes. They were a pair of classic ankle-strapped high heels. The shoes were black with thin straps and thin heels.

The reason for that was simple. Margot wanted all of the attention to be towards the dress. And the shoes were the balancing item to bring some effortless elegance to the look. And they had to do it without drawing too much attention which was the case.

Margot opted for accenting eyeliner and a dash of eyeshadows. She wasn’t wearing any jewels. This continued the notion that the dress is the centerpiece of her look for this occasion. Keeping things elegant, Robbie carried a small clutch for her belongings.

Overall, it’s a great example of a simple and very classy and elegant style. One that is definitely timeless and will always look good. Margot’s elegant look and appearance also helped to create this timeless elegant look.

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