Margot Robbie stuns in a kimono dress and platform high heels

Margot Robbie certainly knows how to stun people around her. She was at the Legend of Tarzan premiere in a kimono dress and daring platform high heels.

Margot usually prefers a more casual style. This though doesn’t mean she can’t rock stunning outfits when she wants to.

Mixing up strong traditional styles like a kimono dress with new and bold styles like daring platform high heels is a challenge. Only a few people can actually pull it off.

The stunning Margot Robbie in high heels

Robbie is one of them. Her long kimono dress looked great and featured a bold split on the left side. The split revealed Robbie’s entire left leg which made for quite a sight.

The high heels, though… they were a sight of their own. Margot opted for sky high heels on a very high platform. The shoes featured round toes with cutouts and a diamond on top. They were also¬†ankle strapped for more support.

And Robbie had opted for a makeup-less look. She did wear makeup, but it was minimalistic and in natural tone. Overall, a stunning look for Robbie.

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