Margot Robbie stuns New York in a stunning and elegant red outfit and high heels

Margot Robbie rarely makes many appearances, but when she does, you will remember them. Just like she did for her visit to Good Morning America in New York.

Margot had a busy day yesterday when it was the premiere of “Goodbye Christopher Robin” in which she stars in. So, she had to go to several events and rocked different styles and outfits for each.

But her best one was easily the one she chose for Good Morning America. It was so stunning, the cops had to interfere and make sure everything is in order. No joke.

So, what is this stunning outfit? Well, here it is. It was an all red, elegant three piece outfit.

For a start, it features an elegant cropped red jacket with longer sleeves and only one golden button. Margot paired it with a cropped red sweater-like shirt.

Then, the outfit transitions into a long straight skirt. It’s also red and it has quite a high split at the back, making walking easier and quite… attractive.

Margot teamed the stunning outfit with a pair of golden strapped high heels. They had two tin straps around the foot, an elegant cone-shaped heel with a small round detail.

Margot sported an elegant hairstyle and a dash of accenting makeup with lipstick and eyeshadows. She did spend some time with the fans and looked absolutely stunning.

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