Margot Robbie wows in a long white dress and heels at the “I, Tonya” premiere in Paris

Margot Robbie impressed once again. This time she wowed in an elegant outfit at the premiere of “I, Tonya” in Paris. Robbie showed off an updated look and hairstyle, too.

Margot has always had quite the unique style. She is both elegant with all of the classics, but also never lets down her personal taste.

This sometimes results in some “yay or nay” type of outfits which are up to┬áthe beholder. But sometimes things align just right and result in stunning looks for Robbie.

This is what we feel happened for the “I, Tonya” premiere. Robbie opted for a simple, yet very elegant and beautiful dress.

It was a very long dress with an elegant fit at the top and a slightly flared A-line shape reaching to the floor. On top of it, the dress has a sheer white layer with polka dots. A discrete flower pattern went from one shoulder to the opposite hip.

You could almost say it looked like a wedding dress. And probably, it could work as one, as well.

Especially with Margot’s footwear. She was rocking a pair of thin high heels with white puffs of fur at the toes. They remained hidden for the most part, but we had occasional glimpses as Margot walked.

She also showed off a slightly updated look for her hairstyle. It was now shoulder-length and perfectly straight. Gone are her classic curls at least for this event.

Margot opted for a classic makeup style. She rocked a dash of eyeliner and classic red lipstick. She kept the jewels to a minimum for an even more clean and elegant look. Definitely one of Margot’s more impressive fashion choices.

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