Margot Robbie wows with a colorful dress and sky high platform heels

Rain is not a particular friend to fashion and outfits. But we have exactly the rain to thank for the latest sighting of Margot Robbie in high heels.

Margot was at the Time 100 Gala in New York. She opted for an elegant long, colorful dress. The dress was lovely, but it was so long, it kept Margot’s high heels hidden.

Ah, but we also had a break. You see it was raining in New York at the time of the event. And when Margot came to the venue, she had to protect her long dress from the wet ground.

This probed to be the best and only way to see Robbie’s footwear choice. And what a choice it was! Margot was rocking a pair of purple ankle strapped high heels.

They had a medium platform at the front, peep-toe like strap at the toes and very high and thin heels. The shoes shaped Margot’s legs in a stunning way and she handled the heels with great elegance and ease.

It’s a pity that we couldn’t see more of them, really. The only hint was Margot’s strut and her color-matched clutch bag which she carried at the red carpet.

She also managed to keep her hair out of the rain and kept it perfect. A dash of accenting makeup completed her elegant look.

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