Maria Elena Davila wows in a burgundy latex dress and high heels at the LA premiere of How To Be a Latin Lover

Latex is definitely not a fabric you see in everyday life a lot. But that slowly changes as more and more celebrities find ways to rock it in the mainstream.

Maria Elena Davila is among the celebrities who know exactly how to bring latex into the mainstream. And she makes it perfect for any event.

A few days ago Maria was at the LA premiere of How To Be A Latin Lover. She opted for a stunning burgundy latex dress which looked incredible.

The dress had a classic shape of a simple black dress that works great for pretty much any occasion. But Maria’s dress was made from latex and added an extra provocativeness to her look. But it also looked quite stylish and elegant, too.

A few years ago, similar leather dresses were a rare sight. Now you can see them pretty much everywhere as more and more women saw how comfortable and beautiful they look. Will the same happen with latex? Probably not quite, as this fabric is a bit more difficult to handle and needs even more special care to look shiny. Plus, it’s prone to tears if it’s not thick enough. And if it’s too thick, it’s too hot and doesn’t really work that good.

So, there’s an important balance to achieve. But if you do find it, you get the beautiful results like Maria’s. She looked great in the latex dress which she teamed with a pair of beige high heels. If the heels were a matching color to the dress, then it would have been even more effective.

Even so, we’re not taking anything away from Maria. She did look great, both elegant and provocative. It’s an outfit that’s difficult to pull off, but she did and she looks great as a result. Nicely done!

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