Maria Menounos looks stunning in a leather dress and high heels at the Narcos premiere

Maria Menounos continues to impress with her fashion taste. It is ever evolving and her latest hit is a daring fitted leather dress and sky high heels.

Maria was at the Season 2 premiere of Netflix’s Narcos. She dressed to impress and did that with ease.

Menounos rocked a body hugging fitted black leather dress. It was shoulderless and with straps going around the back. The dress also featured a daring split at the front to make walking easier.

At the same time the leather dress was a very tight fit showing off Maria’s toned body. Something she seemingly enjoyed, judging by her confident look.

To complete the outfit, Maria rocked a pair of matching black leather ankle-strapped high heels. They were quite high, but nothing she couldn’t handle.

Menounons rocked her hair in a ponytail and opted for a minimalistic look with her makeup. Overall a very stylish and attractive look and outfit for Maria. Nicely done,

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