Mariah Carey looks stunning in full leather and platform heels for UN event

Yes, you read that right. The UN held a special event for secretary-general Ban Ki-moon and a lot of celebs came. Mariah Carey rocked a full leather outfit!

Yup, most celebrities actually went for quite bold and daring outfits. No, we are not complaining. It’s just a surprised observation.

After all you’d expect the UN to be a place for some very strict clothing. But it seems the UN has a party side, too and it knows how to rock.

Mariah was one of the most daring looking celebrities at the event. She rocked a full leather outfit which featured a pair of skin tight leather pants.

She also rocked a matching tight leather biker jacket with lace-ups. The jacket was very tight. So tight, Mariah rocked it half unzipped and showed off her chest.

Completing her bold look was a pair of high heels. But not just any high heels. The singer opted for a pair of high platform lace-up high heels.

Carey rocked her hair in curls and looked stunning. So stunning, she drew quite a lot of attention to herself.

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