Mariah Carey melts the snow in Aspen with her stunning high heels

Mariah Carey changed up her style quite a lot in 2016. She’s become much more daring even for casual days out and about. Her high heels are always stunning.

Mariah was in Aspen, Colorado a few days ago. The famous ski resort lost a bit of its snow cover when Carey took the streets.

She looked so hot, she melted the snow in Aspen. And that’s was simply a casual outfit for Mariah.

She rocked a fitted jacket which she kep unzipped to show off her… assets. You would think it should be cold for that, but Mariah didn’t seem worried about that at all.

She shaped her already toned legs with a pair of tight black leggings which showed off everything. Then there were the high heels.

Mariah opted for a pair of sky high black patent booties. They featured some very high platforms with thick winter soles. The heels were also very high and thin, but didn’t seem to challenge Mariah’s walk or confidence.

The booties featured lace-up fronts and round toes. They looked extremely hot and Mariah felt so, too. She oozed confidence and played a bit for the camera.

Maria kept her hair long and loose and opted for minimal makeup. Just enough to accent her features and make her look even better. Nicely done.


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