Melania Trump goes into the fashion Hall of Fame with her latest outfit and heels

When it comes to the Trumps, one thing is absolutely sure – Melania Trump sure does know how to dress. She opted for an iconic outfit when she and the US President met with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte in the White House.

This was the return visit, after Trump visited France last year. Ever since then the two presidents and their spouses are very friendly.

Both First Ladies show remarkable fashion sense despite a few rough patches during the start of their terms a while back. Now they seem much more comfortable with their roles and they are finding their fashion strides, too.

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This was especially evident during the White House greeting. There Both Brigitte and Melania wowed with their elegant outfits.

It was Melania Trump though who truly wowed with a pretty much historic outfit. If she had a better popularity, this outfit would have been a true hit for the fashion industry. And who knows, it may still become one.

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Melania rocked a beautiful crisp white (silver, according to some) suit with a knee length skirt. The jacket of the suit was elegant, styled and with asymmetric ends to add some extra style. A wide white belt with a big buckle accented her waist.

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The First Lady also rocked an elegant white hat with a classic style to go along with her outfit. She had her hair loose and opted for a dash of accenting makeup.

Melania also remained true to her love for high heels. The rocked a pair of blue-ish sky high heels with white heels. Very elegant, but also daring heels, for sure. Truly a superb outfit.

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