Melanie Brown does jumping jacks in a dress and high heels in Times Square

Tight dresses and sky high heels are not the first fashion choices for exercising. Melanie Brown though thinks otherwise and did just that in Times Square.

Melanie was out and about in New York and was in Times Square. There she decided to do a few jumping jacks on the spot.

The thing is, she was rocking a tight dress and sky high heels. That didn’t seem to be a problem and she did the moves with ease.

Was she teased by someone about how she moves in the tight dress so she decided to prove them wrong. Or maybe she was simply feeling playful? The history doesn’t say. And it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that Melanie did look great, happy and confident. She was wearing a very elegant black dress with wrap-around shoulders and a sheer panel. The dress, we might have mentioned, was quite tight, but gave enough movement for jumping jacks.

Melanie teamed it with a pair of lace-up Louboutin booties. They featured mesh sides and very high heels. The heels managed the exercises with ease, too.

Melanie kept her hair long and loose and opted for a dash of accenting makeup. She did look very elegant. A few jewels and a wrist watch completed her classy look.

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