Miley Cyrus wows in denim hotpants and 60s platform high heels in Miami

Miley Cyrus is making her way back to the spotlight. It seems she hasn’t lost her taste for daring fashion choices, but she has somewhat refined it.

Before her hiatus, we were used to see Miley in the most crazy and daring outfits. Now she’s still daring, but this time realistic, as well.

She was at the iHeartSummer 2017 Weekend in Miami this past weekend. And it was the place where Miley reintroduced us to her daring style with a twist.

Miley chose the ultimate casual-but-daring outfit – a small white T-shirt and tiny denim hotpants. And then she decided that’s not enough, so she added an extra punch.

That came in the form of 60s style platform high heels. They featured quite high platforms and chunky high heels.

The platform was so high though, it made the angle with her heels quite lower. At the same time it still elongated Miley’s legs and made them look even more stunning.

Needless to say, Miley was quite the attention grabber. She had to be surrounded by security to keep her safe and allow her to reach a culinary event.

Miley styled her hair in a two-parter with one side going over her right. She stuck true to her taste for lots of rings and earring, too. But she opted for an almost no-makeup look with only a dash.

She did look great and quite happy. And she continues the trend of platform heels becoming a main choice for celebrities. It’s shaping up to be an interesting summer for sure.

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