Minnie Mouse high heels by Primark shape up as the latest shoe trend among fashionistas

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Tired of the usual high heels? You want something more cute and unique? Primark has you covered with these new Minnie Mouse high heels.

Primark love to take various Disney things and turn them into all kinds of items for the daily life. The latest are these sparkling Minnie Mouse high heels.

According to the Mirror they are already shaping up as a top trend among British fashionistas. Fans of Disney and shoes are already going crazy over the Minnie Mouse Heels and they aren’t even out yet.

Primark will release them very soon, though. And how much do you think these cute, glittering high heels will cost? Bare in mind they will also have thin straps at the front and the ankle, and the entire heel is in glitter.

So, they look like something you would see at top prices, right? Wrong. The Minnie Mouse high heels will set you back only a mere 14 British pounds. They are expected in the stores in the first week of November. That’s just in time for the holiday Christmas parties.

The shoes definitely aren’t something you would see everyday, but they are ideal for parties and clubbing. Would you go for a pair of Minnie’s high heels? We would even if it’s just for the fun of it.

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