More high heel trends from the Paris Fashion Week SS 2016

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The Paris Fashion Week for Spring and Summer 2016 gave us quite a lot of great trends and ideas. This includes some great high heels trends for all.

And we do indeed mean “for all”, as our previous check outs from the runways during the fashion weeks in Paris, London, Milano and New York Spring and Summer 2016 will be the seasons of fashion freedom where bright colors, all kinds of styles and fabrics will be encouraged. This translates to high heels, too. They will be very high, thin, mostly with straps and laces.

This means that next season your creativity will be on display. You can explore your fashion ideas and find your look or your new look. Since Paris is the home of so many designers, it is the busiest fashion week of them all. It needs a second part to capture even more of the trends and ideas from the runways of the fashion capital of the world.

Hermes has chosen a more restrained line for their collection. It features more classic styles and tones with an sexy undertone from quite heavy use of leather. The high heels are also classic, stylish and restrained, yet sexy. Nicely done.

If you seek top glamour, then take a look at the collection of Ellie Saab. It features so many stunning dresses and gowns it is difficult to even try to describe them. Long story short, be prepared to see quite a lot of them on red carpet events matched by equally glamorous and stunning high heels.

Way too glamorous? Needing something a bit more casual? Then check out Musette’s Spring Summer 2016 collection. It is very casual, indeed, but there are some outfits that are paired with not-so-casual stilettos and they look rather good.

If you are looking for something that is in-between and offers style and it can be casual, but it can also be quite high-fashion, then take a look at the latest collection of Louis Vuitton. It features everything you can think of and this includes the shoes and high heels.

Finally, here is Valentino, offering a little more restrained look. High heels are a rare sight here, although some dresses would look really good paired with some towering stilettos.

This concludes the main four fashion weeks. The designers will now focus on working for the next season’s fashion trends which would be presented early next year. Until then though, there will be plenty more from the world of high heels and celebrities, so stay tuned!

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