MS Shoe Designs uses new comfort technology in its high heels

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MS Shoe Designs uses new comfort technology in its high heels
Image credit: MS Shoe Designs

Wearing sky high heels might be a challenge for most ladies. This is why MS Shoe Designs has made a new comfort technology for all of its high heels.

The company has recently given a test pair to Jamsetta M. Walker from the Hampton Roads. She claims that the new Leah platform pumps by MS Shoe Designs are like nothing like she has worn ever before.

The reason for that is simple. The company has developed a new comfort technology and is starting to incorporate it in all of its high heels. The goal is simple – extreme comfort, says Michael Brown creative director of the company.

The technology combines two layers of high-density memory foam that runs all the way under the insole. Each layer is just 1.5 mm thick. The insole is then lined with kidskin suede for added comfort. This increases the total thickness of the insole to 3.8 mm.

It doesn’t sound like much, but Brown is adamant is more than enough to make the foot bed of the shoe feel extremely comfortable. Walker seems to agree as she says you can basically wear the shoes for hours and feel very comfortable.

Of course, that means that your ankles are strong enough to be able to handle that. If they are, then the feet themselves should feel very comfortable.

The Leah platform pumps are made out of patent leather and suede. They will be selling for about 68 dollars pretty soon.

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