My Shoe Bae holds your high heels for you when you take them off during a night out

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My Shoe Bae holds your high heels for you when you take them off during a night outWho hasn’t had a night out rocking those daring, sky high heels only to take them off in a few hours? Great, but what to do with the shoes?

We’ve all been there. We know that those 5.5-inch heels are not for dancing all night. Yet, they are soooo cool we can’t resist, so we go with them.

We also take a pair of flats in the purse, because we know we will regret those heels eventually. And it happens, but now what? What to do with our beloved high heels?

You can’t simply leave them at the table, hoping no one will steal them or simply they will get kicked in the crowd and will be lost forever. You paid a lot for those shoes and you still love them. So, you want to keep them. What to do, what to do…

My Shoe Bae is here to help. It’s a new accessory which looks like small keychain on first glance. It’s an elegant round, silver jewel-like piece you can attach to the strap of your purse or other piece of your outfit.

When the time to remove the heels comes, open up the accessory and pull out the two o-rings which have faux suede straps on them.

Then simply hook the heels of your shoes to the o-rings (they are rubber, so they won’t damage the shoes) and voila. You now have your glamorous high heels with you at all times. And they are even now a part of your outfit as a funky accessory.

My Shoe Bae is already in production and will hit the stores soon. The company Luna + Roxly makes it and it will cost around $20-$25 a pop. Quite a deal for quite a big helper. Even if you’re able to handle your heels all day long, it’s still a nice accessory to have just in case.

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