Natalie Eckert managed to finish the 2015 London Marathon in high heels

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Natalie Eckert managed to finish the 2015 London Marathon in high heelsThe 37-year old mother of five children achieved her main goal in running in the 2015 London Marathon and completing it. Sadly her World Record attempt was void.

You may remember Natalie Eckert from before. She likes to wear high heels all the time. She likes them so much in fact that she even trains and runs in them, setting records.

Her ultimate goal was to run the 2015 London Marathon and finish it with a respectable time, maybe even a World Record. On April 26th she did take part in the 2015 London Marathon and completed it in 7 hours, 7 minutes and 3 seconds.

For the run Natalie had chosen a pair of three-inch fuchisa stilletos from Marks & Spencer. Sadly the attepmt was considered void after she needed medical attention at the seventh mile thus was required to remove her heels.

“I’m a little bit disappointed to not have got the world record. When I had to stop and take the shoes off and get treatment in the ambulance, I knew at that point that because I’d taken them off and walked to the ambulance, the world record was gone”, Natalie says to StaffsLive.

The good news is that Natalie managed to raise over 2000 pounds for the two charities she did the run for. They are Asthma UK and Winston’s Wish.

” I’d still like to raise a little bit more. People can still donate, I’ve got another six weeks after the event to raise the cash, so I’m looking to bring in a bit more if possible”, she adds.

Despite the achievement, Natalie says she received some criticism on social media. “It’s been, ‘You didn’t complete the whole marathon in heels, you walked a little bit.’ But you just let it go over your head”, she says.

Natalie dosen’t say what will be her next challenge in high heels. She is not even saying if there will be one, but knowing her spirit and hunger for achievements we are pretty sure she will set her sights on another challenge pretty soon.

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