Natalie Eckert set a new world record for longest walk in high heels

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Natalie Eckert set a new world record for longest walk in high heelsNatalie Eckert is one of the biggest fans of high heels and has already achieved a lot while wearing them. Recently she set a new record for longest walk in high heels.

You may have heard Natalie’s name before. She is preparing to participate in a full marathon… while wearing high heels. Eckert is also featured in the 2014 Guiness Book of World Records as the fastest runner of 100 meters in high heels. Her time is 14.531 seconds. To put it into perspective, Usain Bolt’s world record is about 5 seconds faster but Bolt is not running in high heels but in specially made shoes, plus he is a professional athelte. So Natalie’s time is quite impressive.

But that is not enough for her. Recently the 37 years old mother of five children set the new world record for the longest walk in high heels.

Natalie went to Asda’s Wolstanton store got on a tredmil and started to walk. She continued to walk for a little bit more than 19 hours. All of the time she was in her favorite red four-inch high heels.

According to the official results, Natalie has walked a total of 51.4 miles. This is 82.7 km in high heels with almost no breaks. This is a new record for the fastest time to walk 50 miles in high heels. That is more than impressive and borders on astonishing, right?

Well, according to Natalie it is a mere warm-up. She is still planning to participate in the 2015 London Marathon and will be wearing stilettos. The event is in April so the time is almost here. She is aiming to raise 5000 pounds for two charities with her participation.

“I had lots of support on the day. My feet were bleeding after an hour but I knew I had to persevere. My feet are in bits but it was worth it”, she said to The Sentinel. She managed to raise 800 pounds for Asthma UK and Winston’s Wish.

Natalie is not saying whether or not she is planning on going for the record of furtherst distance covered in high heels for 24 hours. It is 62 miles and judging by her current results, it will be like a walk in the park for her.

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