New Kickstands straps solve the problem with your heels slipping off

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New Kickstands straps solve the problem with your heels slipping offWearing and walking in elegant high heel slip-ons can be quite the challenge. Mostly because these types of shoes “love” to slip-off your feet just when you need them the most.

For example, you’re walking into an important meeting, about to greet the people and… your heel slips off, nearly tumbling you. Not a graceful sight, right?

Well, it can happen to everyone, right? If you’re good with people skills, you can even make the event work for you, but still, most would simply prefer to keep their shoes on, right?

Well, Michelle Johnson feels you. She created a new product called Kickstands which aims to solve this issue. Kickstands are rubbery straps which you slip on between your foot and high heel. The strap then adds extra stability to your footwear and keeps the shoes on your feet.

“I feel like when women figure out this product is there and what this can do for them, it’s really going to bring back the heel,” Johnson said to the SC Times. “I used to joke that that’s my mission. My mission is to bring back the heel. So we’ll see if I accomplish it.”

“So I was still just wearing it in transit, but somewhere along the way I really kind of liked the way it looked,” Johnson said. “I kind of like the sporty nature of it. It sort of looks like a Mary Jane (another style of women’s shoe) but different, so then that’s when I started thinking ‘OK, this could be something serious.'”

So, she partnered with Adventure Creative to get design patterns and other materials for the Kickstands. This way they become a fashion accessory, too. They already have a whole range of a dozen designs, patterns, colors.

Currently you can get the Kickstands only online for $24 a pair. Johnson is already working on a retail strategy, too. She sees the Kickstands as quite the product.

“It’s life-changing because of the fact that you don’t have to worry about being stable on your feet… there’s a confidence that comes with that,” she said.

“At first it was functional, then it was fashion, and it very quickly became about women’s empowerment, which is happening at a good time,” Johnson said. “I’m really proud about the fact that this very simple idea could have that big of an impact.”

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