New York street stylers tips on how to wear high heels all day long

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New York street stylers tips on how to wear high heels all day long
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Wearing high heels all day long can be a challenge. Some of New Yorks street stylers have tips on how to wear high heels all day long. And they know how. After all they live in New York where walking is one of the primary modes of transport.

New York street stylers don’t want to sacrifice their style and high heels even though they have sto spend a lot of time walking and standing. So they have some special tips and tricks up their sleeves. Bustle has managed to unveil a few of them.

How to wear high heels all day long with tips from New York street stylers

Wear more boots and booties. “Boots, believe it or not, are so much more comfortable than pumps, stilettos, or open-toe heels. I just love my boots. I wore open-toe last year and I’m not going to make that mistake again”, says Jackie Miranne. Now it is true, this is a matter of personal preference and even the unique shape of each pair of feet. What works good for her, might not work good for you and vice versa.

But it is also true that boots and booties give more support to the ankles. The way they wrap around the entire foot also makes for greater support and fit. Thus you will spend less energy trying to balance and your feet and ankles will have help. So in the end you will feel comfortable for longer.

Brooke Burnett on the other hands says going for platform high heels is also a good idea. There are a few reasons for that. One it lowers the angle of which your feet are, thus taking a bit of the strain on your ankles. The platform also gives more support as it makes the soles more rigid. Finally it adds some extra height.

If at first all is well but discomfort arises during the day, then don’t shy away from the drugstore. There are cushion pads that you can add to the insides of the shoes giving you some much needed comfort.

Amber Lucas says taping your third and forth toes together also can be helpful. It will prevent the nerves under your foot to become agitated which usually happens when you wear pointy shoes or ones that are too narrow.

While some of the New York Street stylers are also saying you should carry small flats with you just in case, we would advise against that. Flats can be worse for your feet than killer heels. Also said by a doctor. It is better to simply opt for lower high heels, like kitten heels if you don’t feel like you are ready to spend the entire day on sky high heels.

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