Nicole Murphy looks stunning and elegant in a fitted dress and high heels as she pumps gas in LA

So, what’s your idea of a casual outfit when out and about? Nicole Murphy showed us how to make even pumping gas a newsworthy event in her outfit and heels.

Nicole was out and about in LA and had to refuel her SUV. And she did just so turning this mundane task into a glamorous photoshoot like event.

The 49-year-old fashion model, designer, TV persona and overall celebrity looked incredible in a elegant and daring dress and heels. She wowed in a very simple, yet powerful and remembering outfit.

Nicole rocked a bodycon dress which shaped her figure. It was a low-cut dress and featured a daringly high and wide split at the frond. The front also had buttons all along the dress.

Nicole added further glamour and daring points with her footwear. She rocked a pair of pin-thin high heels. The shoes had thin stripes keeping the thin soles to her feet. The heels were also very thin and metal, providing a challenge to walk. Not that this was visible for Nicole who handled it with ease.

With such an outfit and shoes, even normal things like pumping gas seem like a photoshoot event. Nicole’s poses certainly added to that notion. Definitely one of the most stunning refuelings you will ever see.

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