Nicole Scherzinger looks incredible in thigh high boots in a Mark Hayman photoshoot

Nicole Scherzinger is back with another sizzling photoshoot. She posed for Mark Hayman in a pair of stunning thigh high boots looking as great as ever.

Nicole certainly looks revitalized, too. She was busy lately with X-Factor, but now she is coming back to the spotlight in the photoshoot world.

Mark Hayman once again did a great job. The photos follow a theme – black and white stripes. Nicole also rocks striped black and white outfits and one full black one.

But one thing remains the same in all of the images. Nicole’s footwear. She rocked a pair of stunning black patent thigh high boots.

The boots were stunning and Nicole made them look even better. She also looked great posing in them for the various photos. Some of them are quite sizzling, as you can see.

Nicole kept her ponytail hairstyle throughout the photos. She was rocking accented makeup with eyeliner and colorful lipstick.

Easily one of Nicole’s best photoshoots in a while. So, it’s great to see her back in style. And we hope it only means there’s a lot more great stuff coming.

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