Nicole Scherzinger wowed in a black leather dress and high heels in Moscow

Nicole Scherzinger continues to evolve her fashion style. She makes small changes with great effect. Like her latest outfit featuring leather and high heels.

Nicole was at the BraVo international music awards in Moscow. She wowed in a stunning outfit which highlighted her figure and style.

The famous singer opted for a simple, but effective look. It shows how simple can be better.

Nicole rocked a fitted little black leather dress. It had an asymmetrical shoulder and a furry sleeve.

She teamed the elegant dress with a pair of classic Louboutin high heels. They were very high, but Nicole is used to them as they have been her fashion staple for quite some time.

Nicole completed her look with a dash of accenting makeup and red lipstick. She styled her hair long and straight and kept it over one shoulder.

In the end she mixed an elegant and a provocative look quite well. As you can imagine, she gathered quite a lot of attention, but she’s used to that, too.

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