Now Jurassic World comes under fire because the heroine wears high heels

Another day, another attempt to put high heels down. This time the victim is the new movie Jurassic World all because the heroine wears high heels and runs in them.

People have been waiting for the new Jurassic movie for over 20 years and instead of getting to read about the plot, the visual effects or, you know, things about the movie, they are stuck in a debate whether Jurassic World is sexist or not. Media and “analysts” have rushed to claim this movie is “’70-s era sexist”. Why? All because the heroine is running in high heels from dinosaurs…

So, what the so-called women’s rights activists are saying is that a strong, confident businesswoman, who saves the lead male character and is wearing whatever she pleases to wear, is sexist because of her footwear… We keep wondering here, when will these “activists” realize that with their ridiculous statements they don’t help women and quite the opposite, they make all women look worse.

Then again, why wasn’t Catwoman from the Batman movies also sexist? Especially in The Dark Knight Rises where she was afterall wearing a pair of stunning thigh high boots with killer heels? Just because they were literaly killer and were in fact knives she used against the bad guy? Well, that is sexist, too – against men. If you say that it is alright for Catwoman just because she can hurt men with them, then it is even worse than sexist, actually.

Lets review one more time. Not all women want to wear sneakers and pants. In fact quite a lot of women love to be feminine, to wear skirts, high heels, kitten heels, you name it. The fashion choices a woman has outweigh the fashion choices a man has by a factor of 10 if not more. If this doesn’t say freedom, we don’t know what does. If a woman wants to wear sneakers, she should be able to wear them. If she wants to wear high heels – no one should stop her or make her feel bad because of it. There is this shaming attempt that if you wear high heels you are basically helping the male oppresion of women, which is insane. If you wear high heels because it is your choice, you are simply doing what you are supposed to – wear whatever is that you want and that makes you feel good.

Now, if your employer or someone else is making you wear something you don’t want to, that is a problem. You should be free to make that choice, but on the other hand… you can’t really turn up to an office meeting with a big client dressed up in a track suit and muddy sneakers, now can you? So there is some give and take in this.

And why is the attack only on high heels? Like this is the only type of fashion item that can look way too sexy on a woman. How about short skirts? Or “dresses” that are so cut up a bikini would be covering more skin that them?

Face it, dear feminists, you are making all women look bad by screaming that a piece of clothing is sexist. What is sexist is trying to put labes on everything just because you don’t like it. Real equality means that you are abe to accept others and not put them down for what they like or who they are. Sure, fight for more freedom, but don’t fight it by limiting others’ choices or by spinning everything in a negative way.

Why not, instead of “stop forcing women to wear high heels” you say “leave women to be free to wear whatever they want”? We are sure it will be much better accepted by everyone and it will have a better uniting effect instead of splitting everyone into several fighting sides with no real results… Unless of course, that is in fact your actual goal…

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