Olga Kurylenko looks elegant and classy in high heels in Paris

Olga Kurylenko graced the 2017 Paris Fashion Week in her lovely style. She looked quite elegant and classy in stylish high heels and outfits.

Olga has always managed to mix together her personal taste and the overall fashion trends and rules. Thus, she creates a unique look which is attractive and elegant.

When she wants, Olga can also be a bit more provocative. Or she can mix them all into one. It’s not an easy task to pull off, but she manages it. And we have two examples of this right here.

A couple of days ago, Olga was at Giorgio Armani’s Prive fashion show in Paris. There Olga was all class and elegance.

She was wearing a flared short black dress with a lace front. On top, she opted for an elegant coat.

Olga was also wearing a pair of stylish and elegant high heels. They featured pointy toes and were studded with jewels.

To complete her look, Olga opted for classic elegant makeup and a matching hairstyle. She looked great.

On the next day Olga was at Elie Saab’s fashion show. For this one Olga was a bit more daring. At first she looked very classy in a long fur (faux, relax) coat. It suited her elegant look with loose hair and minimal makeup quite well.

Then Olga removed her coat and showed off her outfit. She was wearing a short, sporty-elegant dress.

It was revealing her toned legs and boots. She was smiling and confident and looked great. Nicely done, Olga.

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