Olivia Culpo and Kat Graham look radiant in high heels at the amfAR generationCURE party

Olivia Culpo and Kat Graham had a blast at the 2017 amfAR generationCURE holiday party in New York. They were beaming with fun and looked quite good.

Olivia continued her yearly roll of great outfits, style variety and overall stunning results. This time she was joined by Kat Graham who also had quite the impressive and stylish outfit.

First up, Olivia Culpo. She continued this year’s favorite celebrity trend – asymmetric outfits. She rocked an interesting asymmetric dress which featured a white-dotted sheer layer on top of lace. The sheer layer covered Olivia’s right leg and the left part of the upper body while the lace was visible mostly on the other side.

The dress also showed off Olivia’s almost entire left leg. She had completed the style with a pair of mesh high heels. The shoes featured thick double ankle straps and a┬áthinner strap at the toes. They also had very thin heels for an almost floating, but very elegant look.

Olivia continued the elegant look with only a few discrete diamond jewels. She had her hair styled straight and loose. And she added only a dash of eyeliner and lip gloss to complete her stylish and elegant look.

Then we have Kat Graham. She also impressed in a very stylish and elegant pinstripe dress. Kat’s dress also followed the asymmetric look and style.

And the dress also added some extra details like several cutouts. It also featured a wrap-around style and also showed off Kat’s left leg.

Kat though opted for a pair of classic pumps. The footwear featured pointed toes and elegant thin heels, but not overly high.

She also had a similar hairstyle as Olivia and even a similar makekup choice. Even the jewels were also mostly diamond.

Both celebs liked each other’s company quite a lot at the amfAR event. They even left the event hand in hand.

And they did that in style and in a very fast pace which was a challenge for their complex outfits. All was well though and the two created some memorable photoshoot-like images.

Who’s look did you like the most? We can’t really decide. They are both equally great which is what makes fashion so great. Similar styles can look very different and at the same time equally stunning. Stay tuned for more from the world of glamorous high heels, fashion and celebrities. There’s a lot more to come as the holiday party weeks kick in!

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