Olivia Culpo gives a street style fashion show in high boots in Paris

Olivia Culpo has been upping her fashion game quite a lot recently. Now she wowed with her street style in an impressive outfit and high boots in Paris.

Olivia was seen out and about in Paris a couple of days ago. She impressed with her outfit which was both elegant and attractive.

It was also a perfect way to look stylish and glamorous during the chilly fall weather that has come to Europe lately. Olivia took full advantage of that and showed that you may look as glamorous and stylish as ever even if you’re completely covered and not showing any skin.

Olivia rocked an interesting slouched dress with a chain-like bet around the waist. The dress itself had a quite revealing top part, so it had to be worn with something else. Olivia opted for a striped tight turtle neck sweater and looked quite well.

The dress featured a short pencil skirt part which gave way at the top of the mid-thighs. Olivia also rocked a pair of skin tight black leggings and a pair of slightly slouched black OTK leather boots.

The boots featured pointed toes and thick, cone-shaped heels. They were a bit loose around Olivia’s legs which was the whole point of the design.

She added some further glamour with a pair of stylish red sunglasses. Olivia kept her hair styled tight. She added some accenting red lipstick and eyeliner to complete her confident and glamorous look. Definitely an impressive outfit.

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